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Welcome, here are the 5 reasons why you should give me the partnership right away
1) You look for cool and nice youtubers blabbing about or with your posters hanging on the wall. But there's a little problem, their followers are NOT there for your posters, they are there for youtubers, your product is something of a side. Their followers say "yeah this displate is cool ok, I think about it" and then they watch the video , but they are here NOT for the poster.
I don't play nice and I don't put up my face, I DO BETTER, I make your product central, people come to view and download my wallpapers, and often my wallpapers are similar to your posters.

8 months ago I made one of my most successful videos, this
Months later I found out you had an identical poster!  here https://displate.com/displate/2868378

It would be a waste not to exploit the success of this video, it would be obvious to put a direct link to your poster, people come for this image, so why not tell them “hey put this wallpaper on your wall” go to the displate site.

I could make hundreds of live wallpapers taken directly from your posters, you would have tens of thousands of views from my channel to your website, for free.

OBVIOUS NOT? But you, denying me the partnership, do not consider it obvious, on the contrary, you waste this opportunity to give space to tons of kids who all do the same things.
2) It's simple...you pay Google thousands of dollars to advertise generic cookie-based links and pay google even if nobody buys, but if I were a partner you would have hundreds of direct  links to your products, you have free traffic from my channel and my website and pay only if people buy, so why not give me the partnership?
3) Unlike youtubers, with me you would not only have Youtube, but also my website.
People who go to my site see two pages on average, and on each page they may see additional links to your products. I'll give you a practical example, look at this photo, here under each download button there could be a button directed to the corresponding poster on your website with the words "find it on displate". You will have double advertising at no cost.

4) Influencers cannot advertise endlessly, they cannot say for each video "buy the displated posters", because even if you do it in the best way, with all the sympathy in the world, after a while the message becomes repetitive, and  it has no more effect.

In my channel, however, there is no repetition effect because people come for those images, there is no saturation because the wallpaper is what they want.

Basically we do the same thing, you sell images to put on the wall and I give animated images to put on the pc.
Let's do the same thing, why not join us?
5) My channel may seem small, I don't even have 3000 subscribers yet but  I am constantly growing and I have lots of views, because my videos are often recommended by Youtube and they rank well in organic search results.

In the last three months, I have received over  550,000 views,and most of these views could already be directed to your site, do you want to lose more views for no reason?
The more I post videos the more views will increase and they could be directed to your site for FREE.

Well I believe that these advantages are undeniable and if they do not convince you,  it means that you are not the smart company that I believe.

Best Regards
Francesco Capuano
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